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Frequently Asked Questions

What should my child wear to class?

     We strongly recommend your child wear a leotard and either a pair of shorts or stretch pants over the top.  No tights with feet in them, no baggy clothes, no buttons or zippers, no sports bras with shorts/leggings - these all pose safety risks for your child and our staff. Your child will be involved in a variety of different activities so clothing that is form fitted, stretchable and comfortable is the best choice.  We prefer our students come to class barefooted!  No tights or socks. If your child is participating in Cheering we do prefer that they wear gym shoes that are clean and not used outside.

Can I stay and watch?

     Currently, parents are not permitted to come inside or stay in any of our facilities.  Your child will get more out of the class if you are not there.  We understand that some children have anxiety about being left without Mom or Dad there, but we ask that you try and leave if possible.  Parents and other siblings are a huge distraction not only to your child but to the other children who are participating. If your child continues to run over to you during class we may ask that you leave for a bit so we can get them back on track.


When does the season end?

     We start our Fall classes at the beginning of September and run through the end of May.  We assume that your child will be spending the entire season with us.  We start our summer camp and summer season in June and run through the middle of August.

When is my child ready for competitive gymnastics?

     There is no set time or age for a child to be ready for team.  We determine when they are ready based on ability to listen very well to their coaches, a willingness to try new skills, an ability to be self motivated and a strong deisre to be a part of our competitive gymnastics program.  If your child is interested in being a part of our competitive program please feel free to ask!

When do we pay class dues?

     Dues must be paid the first week of each month.  Please be prepared to have dues automatically paid using the card on file on the 7th of each month during our regular season. Summer classes require a deposit and the remaining balance will be automatically charged to the card on file on the date of the first class of the session.  If dues are not paid by the 15th of each month, there will be a $20 late fee.  If you are unable to pay, you must  make arrangements with Allison in advance!


What happens if the weather is bad?

     Our coaches are traveling from all over Aroostook County as are our students.  We generally follow the schools decision regarding cancellations - if school is cancelled than so are we.  There will also be other times that we may cancel due to weather.  We try very hard to post all cancellations on our Facebook page and notify the classes scheduled that day by email no later than 1:00pm.  Only you can decide what is best for your family as far as driving in inclement weather.  If you chose to stay home due to weather, we completely understand.


Do you do make up classes for cancellations?

     Each month you pay for 4 classes.  If there is a month that you end up with 5 classes, you do not pay for the extra class. We utilize those extra classes as make up days for weather cancellations etc.  If for some reason we end up short a class for a month, then we will schedule a make up class.


Do I still have to pay if my child misses class?

     You are paying for a spot in our class, not for the number of classes you attend.  We staff according to the number of students we have enrolled in each class.  If you are absent we still have staff there.  We do expect that you will pay dues in full for the month even if you have missed class.  By the second week of September we are generally working off a waiting list for our classes, therefore we can not discount classes for absences.  If your child has missed class, there is always an opportunity to make up the missed class at another time.  That way you are getting what you paid for. If you feel like you need to pull your child from gymnastics, we require 60 days' notice and they will not be eligible to re-enroll for one full year.

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