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Alli Wheeler
Owner and Founder

Growing up in a Gymnastics family is what really instilled my love of this amazing sport.  I began taking gymnastics when I was 4 and was hooked.  As a college student I worked teaching gymnastics at a large facility in Texas.  After settling down here in Aroostook county with my family in 2005, I realized there was a need for more diversified programs for our kids.  As a mother of 2 beautiful children who were not into traditional sports I decided to create a program for them as well as all of the kids in Aroostook County.  My first class was held at the Bridgewater Grammar School with 8 kids.  We now have 3 locations and well over 200 hundred students.  I love what I do and hope to watch my programs continue to grow and produce generations of children that love gymnastics, cheering and dance.  I also hope to instill in each child a profound love of themselves and the knowledge that they are unique, beautiful and talented in their own amazing way!

Meet The Team

Amanda Thorne_edited.jpg
Amanda Thorne
Angie Burtt.jpg
Angie Burtt
Brandon Murphy.jpg
Brandon Murphy
Chloe Wheeler.jpg
Chloe Wheeler
Jack Schafer.jpg
Jack Schafer
Jenna Cochran
Jordyn Photo.jpg
Jordyn Kinney
Raegan Whipkey
Sami Allen.jpg
Sami Allen
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