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Class Information


Mars Hill

Presque Isle


$55+ per month

We offer gymnastics for students ages 4 and up at all three of our locations.  Children are divided into groups based on skill level and age.  We spend time on Bar, Beam, Vault and Tumbling as well as working on trampolines, air traks, spring floors and foam pits.  Our Gymnastics classes are a great chance for your child to learn all aspects of gymnastics in a safe and fun environment.  These classes are geared towards children of all skill levels from beginners to more advanced gymansts.

We offer several different Gymnastics programs, including recreational type gymnastics and competitive gymnastics programs.  Our staff is well suited to teach students of any skill level from beginner through advanced level gymnastics.  We pride ourselves in being able to teach to each child's individual skill level which is important in keeping kids from getting overwhelmed or losing interest.


Mars Hill

Presque Isle


$50+ per month

We are the only facility in Aroostook County with a competitive cheering program.  Each season we take our cheerleaders to Bangor to compete in the State Cheering Competition.  Our amazing cheering program teaches beginner through advanced level stunting, jumps and cheers.  Our staff of amazing and creative coaches have the experience and knowledge to help your cheerleader do the best they can while learning in a safe environment.  We offer cheering at all three of our different locations!

2019 Season Placings:

  • Supernova - State Champions (Mixed 3rd-8th Grade, Division 1)

  • Eclipse - 2nd Place (Jr. All Star, Division 1)

  • Starlites - 3rd Place (Mixed 3rd-8th Grade, Division 2)

  • Comets - 5th Place (K-5th Grade)


Mars Hill

Presque Isle


$50+ per month

Whether you are a cheerleader looking to acheive some of those necessary tumbling skills, or just have an interest in learning to tumble, we have a program for you.  Our tumbling classes are geared toward students who just want to learn to cartwheels, round offs, back handsprings, front handsprings, back tucks etc. Class sizes are kept small to ensure each student can maximize their time in the gym.  These classes spend their time focused on teaching students the correct and proper way to tumble.  Our tumblers are expected to build up the necessary muscles and skills to be a good tumbler and have the confidence to do the skills they desire. 

We have a proven track record of succesfully teaching students to tumble and we do not allow our tumblers to "throw" skills they are not ready for or are not strong enough for.  With over 100 students able to do round off back handsprings, over 100 students who can do standing back hanspring and 50 who have achieved their back tuck - all without spotting. We are equiped to teach advanced level tumbling in a safe and controlled environment with a very knowledgeable staff.


Mars Hill


$45+ per month

We offer our dance program at our Mars Hill and Houlton locations. Our creative dance instructors work with our dancers to learn technique, and of course dance routines, that they will display at our recitals.  Our dance program is geared toward young students who want to learn dance in a fun environment. 

Tot + Mini Gym

Presque Isle

$25 per month

This introductory level class is designed for the very young gymnast who still requires a parent or guardian to accompany them out on the floor. These classes follow the themes, skills and obstacle courses of our other preschool classes, but children are assisted at each station by their parent. They will learn how to control body movements and use their body to navigate and problem solve across beams and bars, giant cushions, and through tunnels.


This class requires that a parent or guardian participate fully in class with your child. Adults should wear socks (no shoes) in class and children are welcome to wear socks or go barefoot!


Each of our 3 facilities is unique not only in structure, but in programming.  We strive to create programs and facilities that meet the needs of the communities where we teach.  


Mars Hill

Our Mars Hill Gym is located in the old St. Anne's Church.  We offer dance, cheering, gymnastics and tumbling.  This facility is home to our highest level gymnasts and cheerleaders, with well established competitive programs in both cheering and gymnastics.


Presque Isle 

Our Presque Isle Gym is located in the Aroostook Centre Mall in the old House of Bounce space.  This facility offers cheering, gymnastics, tumbling and Ninja Stars.  This facility also has a competitive gymnastics and cheering program and is home to our indoor trampoline, foam filled pit and a spring floor.



Our Houlton Gym is located behind McDonalds in the old Theriault Equipment building on North Street.  This facility houses a competitive gymnastics and cheering program as well as a 25 foot trampoline and foam filled pit.

Presque Isle_2_edited.jpg

Some of our equipment:

  • Parallel bars and parallettes

  • Back Handspring Trainers

  • Floor mats

  • Landing blocks and crash mats

  • Training aids and foam blocks

  • Bungee Mat System for Tumbling

  • Bungee Mat Inclines and blocks

  • Tumbling Belts

  • Trampoline and trampettes

  • Spring Floor

  • Uneven Bars

  • Vault

  • Portable Air Trak

  • Foam Pitt

  • Pit Pillow Soft Landing Mats

  • Spring boards

  • Low and high beams

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