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Our mission is to prove it to them

Why We're The Best

All-Star Gymnastics is home to the only competitive Gymnastics and Cheering programs in Aroostook County.  We are the only facility north of Bangor teaching true gymnastics - which includes bar, beam, vault and tumbling.  With a variety of programs to suit all ages and interest levels, we pride ourselves in offering a safe environment for children to learn and grow.  We also pride ourselves in our approach to teaching and coaching children of all different ages and skill levels.  We believe in coaching through positive reinforcement.  We expect our students to work hard, grow in their sport, and bring the best they can to each class.  Our staff bring a variety of backgrounds in gymnastics, cheering, dance, and  education.  Our team is an amazing group of dedicated coaches that truly enjoy what they do, and feel a strong sense of excitement when our students achieve their goals.  With the ability to teach advanced level gymnastics, tumbling and cheering, you will find no other program like ours in Aroostook County!

Learn more about our extensive list of classes in Gymnastics, Tumbling, Cheering, and Dance.


How do I register my child for class?

  1. Visit our Classes page to decide which locations and classes you are interested in. 

  2. Choose the season you want to enroll in from the menu at the top of the page.

  3. Register for a free account (or log into your existing account) to view the schedule and classes available based on your child's age.

  4. You may enroll in as many classes as you would like. When reviewing the calendar, be sure to check the Location (PI, MH or Houlton) of the class. Once you have chosen a class, click on the class to add it to your cart and follow directions to Checkout. **Enrollment is not complete until you complete checkout and pay the required deposit.**

    1. FALL SEASON: the season runs from September through May and we expect your child will remain enrolled for the whole season.

    2. SUMMER: 10-week sessions with dues paid monthly.

  5. That's it! Once you have completed enrollment you will receive an email with all of the information and dates you will need for the season. Your member login will allow you to see the classes you are registered for, your balance due and auto-pay information, and other important information you need at any time.

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